Healing Handcrafting

exploring process and healing through fiber arts and handcrafting

Try Again


I know I’ve come a long way when I can unravel a nearly completed sweater and start over after realizing the sizing was wrong. And not get mad. And not blame the pattern. And try again. This, weirdly, has been a great experience. 


Author: healinghandcrafting

I am a psychologist and a fiber enthusiast. I have a deep interest in the healing effects of handcrafting, and its place in our common histories.

2 thoughts on “Try Again

  1. Armed with greater knowledge for years to come. I, too, have had to hit the rewind button.


    • I think a main reason why I’m ok with it is that I’ve heard of others doing this and moving on! It is actually great because I was aware of a few mistakes I made along the way and was going to cover them up somehow. Now I can start fresh and know how to deal with a couple tricky parts. Thank you for the encouragement!

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