Healing Handcrafting

exploring process and healing through fiber arts and handcrafting

Watching The Sun Rise

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Almost every morning I watch the sun rise. Almost every morning when the sky is just releasing to the light, I can hear voices and footsteps upstairs, my cue that I can maybe fit in one more row, or read one more page before making room on my lap for little ones. This morning, I’m working on my sweater. I will try to finish this strong red piece, this project that has taught me in a physical way, that it is okay to start again, to take what I’ve learned and put it to good use by doing things differently, by adjusting, by going back in and not giving up in frustration. 

Start again. 

With what I’ve learned. 



Author: healinghandcrafting

I am a psychologist and a fiber enthusiast. I have a deep interest in the healing effects of handcrafting, and its place in our common histories.

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