Healing Handcrafting

exploring process and healing through fiber arts and handcrafting

Farm to Frame Classes and Workshops

“My training and my lived experience have brought me to this place where I see the grounding and healing benefits of working with fibers. Bringing opportunities to people of all ages to explore their own creativity and to have fun with fiber art and craft is a true privilege for me.” ~ Bradie Hansen

Listed below are the classes and series that I offer. All of these can come with these additional features: a slide show detailing instructions, historical information about fiber and hand work, story book time and coloring pages relevant to the given material. For school-age children, learning about wool and other fibers is truly learning about our world, our place in time in relation to our ancient and more recent ancestry, and about a phenomenally useful renewable resource. I would be happy to craft a program that fits the needs and interests of students and class participants.

**Note On Locations!**

I work in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. I can travel within approximately an hour’s time within Chittenden County and surrounding areas.

COVID-19 Updates: I have a studio space in Shelburne, Vermont that is spacious and airy. During late spring, summer and fall, I will be creatively figuring out how to host small groups of children and/or adults to do one or more weaving sessions. Dates are not yet set, but if you have questions or would like to request a session, please contact me. I anticipate setting up a shade tent next to my space that can be a sort of outdoor classroom, and masks will be required until we are given the green-light to operate without them. 

From Fleece to Felt Series

Participants will move through the stages of scouring raw wool, dyeing it, carding it, and finally creating a felted “painting”. In schools, I use Kool Aid drink mix to allow for easy and non-toxic dyeing that can take place over days while the wool bathes in mason jars.

This series expands over five sessions. Scheduling depends upon site needs.

Offered in spring, summer and fall.

All Ages

Prices vary depending upon class size.


Felting Rocks

Felting rocks found around Lake Champlain is a surefire way to introduce children to the magic of wool! I can either bring all of the materials to the students, or we can make a field trip out of it and go to the lake all together so all might find their “perfect” rock. I will supply all materials necessary for the project. These make excellent holiday gifts, too!

One to Two Sessions

All Ages

Prices vary depending upon class size.


Felting Rocks and Creating a Woolen Sachet

This class takes the Felting Rocks session and adds an element! Once the felted rock is dry, students can cut their rock out, fill the woolen pod with dried flowers and herbs, and hand-stitch it back together to create a beautiful sachet.

Two to Three Sessions

Ages: 10 and Up

Prices vary depending upon class size.


Simple Weaving

There are so many ways people of all ages can enjoy simple weaving projects on handmade looms. We would need to talk about ages of individuals who are in the class and plan from there. Using small looms with gorgeous yarn, participants can walk away with a wall hanging, a coaster, a framable piece of art… Circular weaving is also a great way to explore and experiment with color and texture. Classes would be developed with the ages, interests and goals of the participants in mind.

All Ages

Prices vary depending upon class size.



Weaving with Nature

Weaving into an art piece elements from nature adds exquisite beauty, texture, personality and spirit to the end product. I can either bring a variety of items found in nature to share with a given class, or a field trip can be planned for individuals to collect items that speak to them to be used in their work.

All Ages

Prices vary depending upon class size.


Learn to Crochet

Crochet is a wonderful way to make fabric. Washcloths, blankets, scarves, coasters… these simple shapes lend themselves to getting the hang of crochet stitches, reading patterns and finding the flow of creating.

Ages: 10 and up

Class size: up to 6

Price determined by project and student needs. Session amount dependent upon project size and complexity.


Learn to Finger Knit

This fun class is a great way to introduce little ones to the craft of knitting. One finger or whole hand knitting is possible!

Ages: 5 and up

Class Size: up to six with one teacher (me). For larger classes, we can talk about staffing and support options.

Prices vary depending on class size.