Healing Handcrafting

exploring process and healing through fiber arts and handcrafting

Weaving Circles

I am delighted to say that I am now a Weaving A Life weaving circle leader, certified through the Weaving A Life program and taught by Susan Merrill, creator of Weaving A Life.

Weaving Circles and Weaving in Therapy

I offer people the opportunity to join Weaving Circles in Burlington, VT where small groups of individuals can move through some or all of the keyforms with guidance and opportunities for self-reflection. Individuals may also work with me to move through the series of keyforms either as a distinct series or as part of longer-term therapy.

From my own lived experience and through my training with Susan Merrill, I’ve come to see weaving as well as other handcrafts as a path towards healing. Life has so many twists, turns, opportunities for grief, joy, love and sorrow~ experiencing texture, color and shape as one moves through each keyform creates the space for choice and focus to emerge, allowing a person to reclaim, or claim for the first time, the path they want to traverse.

I hold Weaving Circles for adolescents and adults in my space in Burlington, VT. I also visit schools and am able to provide one-class workshops or a series of classes to children of every age. Weaving is for everyone.


If you would like to hear more about these offerings, please Contact me.