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To be released in February of 2023

So excited to hold this book in my hands… what a journey it’s been.

Article: The Wisdom of Regret

Published in The Assisi Institute Journal, vol. 2, n. 1, 2016.

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“Regret, as both a psychological and emotional human experience, has been of great interest to me since adolescence. Considering the implications of regret on a life, in particular during moments of choice, I have come to understand the phenomenon as a gift of wisdom rather than a curse, a problem of neurosis or guilt, or as something to be avoided. Studying the ancient myth of Inanna as the centerpiece, I have also attempted to weave into this paper examples from literature, psychological text and current research to demonstrate the dangers inherent in turning away from this archetypal gift, and the benefits of allowing Regret’s wisdom to make a mark on a life, guiding us at future crossroads of choice.”