Healing Handcrafting

exploring process and healing through fiber arts and handcrafting

Weaving Through Grief

As a therapist who relies heavily on language and expression of feelings through words to help people sort out difficult times in life, it might sound funny for me to say “that’s not the only way through the long tunnel of grief”. We grieve all kinds of things. Loss of a loved one through death is certainly one grief journey. So is the ending of an important relationship, estrangement from a family member, loss of a job, loss of a lifestyle due to chronic illness or disability, death of a pet, loss of a home… There are so many ways we must face the realities of a life that is not what we planned or what we wanted. It’s not easy, and sometimes it’s hard to put into words.

Taking time to create a piece of art that contains textures, colors, symbols and artifacts that reflect what we have loved and lost helps us to metabolize our experience of grief through the body. It’s another pathway to healing. The very process of weaving and other handcrafts is linked to positive outcomes in relation to depression, anxiety, stress, grief and even sleep.

Together, we will create projects that are tailored to your own journey through grief. Projects will be suitable for individual experience, and time and space availability.

Weaving, hand stitching, knitting and crochet are all possibilities to explore.

If you’d like more information about weaving through grief, you can contact me here.