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Love, Longing and Learning


[when] “…the creative force now turns to the place of the soul, you will see how your soul becomes green and how its field bears wonderful fruit.” ~ from Carl Jung’s The Red Book, quoted in The Orphan: A Journey to Wholeness, by Audrey Punnett

I was thirty-eight years old when I picked up yarn again, to make a knitted ball for my children. Sitting in that peaceful place with a peaceful teacher/guide during those early years of growing into parenthood, I found anew a place in me that was creative, that wanted to make, share and give. Seven years have passed since I sat in that rocking chair next to other mothers, most of us knitting, all of us watching our children play. All that has happened in seven years, it’s so much, really.

It is a frequent lamentation of mine that I did not realize how much I love texture and wool, sculpture and cloth when I walked through the Fine Arts Department halls at the university I attended, just shy of thirty years ago. Delivering mail, returning books others borrowed, running errands for the college’s deans, I passed beautiful and audacious fiber art hanging from walls and ceilings. Twine, mesh, weaving and wire sculptures were everywhere. How did this thing that drives me now, this deepest longing to learn all I can in this fibery art and craft world not have been awakened when I traversed those halls? What was I doing!

But here now, just when I worry there won’t be time to learn all I want to learn, I check myself and remember that all there is is this present moment. And it requires full attention. Parenting, relationship, work, creativity, love. And a devotion to tending to and doing what wakes the soul up, what grabs the spirit’s attention.

It’s that devotion that had me untangling a mess of yarn in humid heat today. It’s that tending to that had me sitting next to my loom, solving what continues to be a personal riddle~ getting the warp onto the loom without too much disarray! When will I stop sweating with anxiety when I go to take the warp off the warping board?

It’s the soul that wants to make beautiful things for people I love, and that has grown to weather all of this learning and longing.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to do things you love.


Author: healinghandcrafting

I am a psychologist and a fiber enthusiast. I have a deep interest in the healing effects of handcrafting, and its place in our common histories.

4 thoughts on “Love, Longing and Learning

  1. It seems so long ago that I first answered your call for help with your new loom. Looking at these photos of your towels and other weaving here makes me smille to see all that you have learned about weaving since we met. Our newest adventure creating a weaving studio at the Shelburne Craft School is just the beginning ….. I am so excited you have invited me to join you there!

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    • Lausanne~ getting to spend time with you like this and to be part of something so wonderful emerging in Shelburne is a dream come true! I am so, so happy. And I have to write about it all here! You are one incredible teacher- and so patient with my weird way of being confused about the math and order of weaving. I’ll be forever grateful for that.


      • For my part it is inspiring to be around someone as relentlessly creative as you! I really got the sense as I visited your studio on Saturday for the first time how many wonderful ways you have sought to express your creativity in fiber. Thank you for my wee elfin muse. I’m not sure where I need her most….at home or in the studio, so she may have to travel with me from time to time. She is a reminder to me that I might let my creative muse out to play more often! (Instead of sorting spilled nails and thumbtacks or de-tangling old warps!)

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      • How did I miss this note from you! I’m sorry! And thank you much… Maybe there will be another elfin muse coming your way so you can have one in each place!


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